Monday 17 November 2014

Loud Monsters from Futurocks

Have you ever noticed the irony about smartphones? As much as these ingenious devices allow us to perform a great number of things increasing our productivity and our autonomy (being so marvellously, well… mobile ), it’s also like they’re starting to have a life of their own, needs of their own – THEY now require a number of gadgets in order to provide the maximum of their capabilities and features!
And so… we have a million designs for phone cases, power banks, key chains, and of recently – speakers; everything especially designed to allow us to be productive, to express ourselves and to claim our own position in any social circle (because, let’s be honest – which smartphone you own has become something like a fashion and social statement today.)
Anyway, this is just a little digression… sorry about that. I’m only saying this because I caught myself the other day getting yet another gadget for my iPhone which will allow me to be more organized and I instantly thought to myself what a bottomless pit this thing is.
But, I landed a new job and I wanted to treat myself, so my latest extravagance is a wireless speaker for mobile phones and tablets. This one in particular is also waterproof, which extends its normal use, to (rather important) use in the bathroom, pools, kitchen, sauna…


It has that suction cup so you can attach it to any flat surface – ceramics, kitchen cabinets or fridge, desk, or your smartphone!
It’s really not important what phone you have  – this waterproof speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth device (iPhone, Android, Windows devices).
What I especially like about it is that it has a built-in microphone, and I’ve been using it for my conference calls and it turned out to be amazing – the sound is crystal clear and (considering its size) surprisingly loud. I even used it in my classroom for some listening exercises with my students; it didn’t have any problems covering my entire classroom.
Apart from microphone, it has control buttons for volume, track and call; and of course, a USB port so you can charge its batteries.
I don’t wish to sound too technical, but it seems rather important to mention at least some specs about this portable Bluetooth speaker:
-          It operates at 10 metre distance (or up to 30 feet)
-          Loudspeaker output is 3W
-          Its frequency is - 80Hz-160KHz
-          Lithium battery’s (means – rechargeable J) can hold up to 3 hours
-          Bluetooth 3.0
I bought a black one, but there are 5 different colours to choose from – pink, baby purple, green, orange, blue and black.
This Bluetooth speaker comes for just £12.99 and with a year warranty.

As for me... I’m off to take a long, hot bath accompanied with some nice, ambient music.
Ciao everybody!