Sunday, 17 August 2014

Fancy Little Power-Ups for Your Smartphone

May You Never Again Be Cut Off From the World!

If you’re anything like me, you probably keep forgetting to charge your iPhone on a regular basis. I’ve come to completely rely on my mobile in my work, and yet, I never seem to remember to fully charge it and then I end up isolated from the rest of the world for a half a day sometimes! It’s crazy, I know!
Fortunately, there is a solution for all of us negligent about this! Power banks! or as I like to call them emergency chargers. No matter where you are, you can power up your iPhone on the go. It’s so practical and neat.
There are virtually hundreds of different designs, colours and shapes you can choose from; with various features and power rates

      Take this little beauty, for example: it’s an external battery for iPhones, but you can also attach to it almost any model of a smartphone you have and you’re all set! It supports iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Sony PSP, HTC, etc.
It looks quite slim and slick, and so pink and girly, but when you look past its delicate design and colour, you’ll find that it’s quite powerful! The capacity of this power bank is 5000 mAh, which is powerful enough to charge your iPad 100% and to provide up to 200% extra charge for your iPhone or iPod! And, yes girls – there are five different colours of this model of power bank!

Futurocks Power Bank 5000 mAh Pink

It gets even better, not only it is a portable charger, but it also allows two different devices to charge at the same time!
It costs £19.99 and comes with a year warranty.

My personal favourite is something a little bit different: it can also support various other devices not just iPhones, same as the above one; it also provides 300% extra charge for your phone.
On the other hand, it has one USB port, so you can charge one device at a time.
Because of its one practical feature, it is a popular choice of both, boys and girls – it has a flashlight; and a really bright one, too. This makes it an irreplaceable gadget for camping trips, fishing, travelling, and for more reasons than one; also, if you have to go through some dark allies on your way home, it can really come in handy.
It fits in even the smallest of pockets and it’s so light (just a bit over 100g), you can easily forget you have it on you!
Futurocks emergency charger with a flash light costs just £19.99 and has a year warranty.

 Futurocks Power Bank with flash light 5000 mAh

       Another of Futurocks’ designs is this mini iPhone charger, which is even lighter than the previous two (about 50g) and if it is at all possible, even more adorable. Just be careful not to mistake it for a lipstick when you go through your purse.

Futurocks Mini Power Bank 2600 mAh
It has a slightly lower capacity, 2600 mAh; yet it’s still enough to power up your smartphone 100%. It can be used for Samsung Galaxy, Sony PSP, Nokia, iPhone, iPod, and various other phones.
You can order it for £9.99 and choose from 8 different colours.
So, the design, the model, the size and colour is entirely up to you; one thing I promise you, though  – this useful little thingy will quickly become your best friend!

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