Sunday, 12 October 2014

New Power Bank for New Times!

Got yourself a new iPhone 6?! Wow, nice… Good for you!
Don’t tell me - its battery is lousy; keeps getting empty just when you need it the most?! Yeah, I know…
I know it all too well, as a matter of fact. It’s just… as if the phone is literally eating up the battery; and it wasn’t just once that I ended up without my phone in a key moment! Well, I got used to it by now and now I’m always ready for every circumstance.
I have a backup battery with me at all times
I took the advice from a friend of mine and bought me a Futurocks power bank. Futurocks LCD Mini Power Bank ( external backup battery), to be more precise. Blue ( also comes in black, silver and pink) with a little display. Rather cute, actually 

So, what are its characteristics?

1.       Well, it’s not a monster of a power bank; it doesn’t have the capacity of 10K mAh. It has 2600 mAh, quite enough to power up my iPhone 100 %. And that’s fine enough with me :)
2.       It supports the range of devices – iPhone (even the latest model), iWatch, iPod… even Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, Sony PSP, etc.
3.       Its battery is lithium type, which allows the maximum battery life.
4.       It’s made of aluminium, which makes it extremely light (it’s actually about 50 g!) Not to mention its simple, yet modern design and how fancy it looks in all of its 4 colours!
5.       LCD Mini Power bank for iPhone comes with a USB cable, making it ridiculously easy to use.
6.       It’s quite easy to monitor your battery status due to the convenient LCD display. (Trust me, it CAN come in handy!)
7.       You can use it up to 500 times to power up your smartphone, which is more than enough, because by the time you used it all up you’ll probably have a new phone, which, according to trends, will be able to do God knows what and it may require something completely different or it may not need additional charging at all. (Now, THAT would be something to look forward to!)
8.       You also get a year warranty on it.

So, these are all benefits you get with the LCD Mini Power Bank Emergency Charger. I admit it may sound a bit one-sided, but I’ve been using mine with my iPhone 6 for a month now (and with my Samsung S4 Galaxy before that), and it’s still just as reliable as it was when I bought it. However, if you do manage to find some disadvantages, please let me know!


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